Supercomputing platform for AI

Accelerating innovation in AI by providing supercomputing at dramatically reduced pricing. We do this by harnessing a worldwide network of distributed GPUs

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The demand for compute is growing exponentially and traditional compute providers can’t keep up, and are using price as a lever to control usage.

Our Solution

Tatau has built the world’s first distributed supercomputer for AI, unlocking non-traditional sources of mass-market computation (such crypto mining assets, underutilized datacenters and gaming machines), and providing more cost-effective compute. Tatau also provides an economic lifeline to GPU-based crypto mining assets.

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GPU Computing
and Artificial Intelligence

Processing Power

Greater number of cores found in GPUs allows for faster calculations and analytical models

Memory Capabilities

More memory bandwidth allows for GPUs to process data faster


GPUs can be up to 10 times more efficient than CPUs, allowing firms to save over power consumption

Tatau Purpose & Vision

Tatau’s purpose is to accelerate innovation in artificial intelligence.
Tatau does that by providing AI companies with cost-effective and easy-to-use supercomputing.
Tatau’s vision is to be the largest supplier of compute in the world without owning any computers.

Tatau Team

Greg Kushnir
Andrew Fraser
Michael Fridshtand
Martyn Levy
Steve Cooper
Chief Financial Officer
George Rosier
Senior Product Manager
Makar Pletenetskyi
Project Lead
Nickolay Oreshko
Lead Data Scientist
Phoenix Zerin
VP Engineering
Cassandra (Dickerson) Horne
Global Administration Manager
Nikolay Sibilev
Python Developer
Alexey Grankov
Machine Learning Engineer

Advisory Board

Jeff Pulver
Vice Chairman Alchemist; Founder MoNage; Founder; Co-Founder Vonage
Dr Yaniv Gal PhD
AI Manager Ohmio, Managing Director Coralight, Research Program Manager Compac Sorting
Nimrod May
CMO at SIRIN LABS, CMO at, VP Marketing at Get Taxi
Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM)
Founder Nanogirl Labs; Co-Founder OMG Tech
Paul Salisbury
Co-Founder & Director, Blockchain Trainer Tech Futures Lab
Giotto De Filippi
Advisor at Decentraland, Streamr, Starbase, RNDR Token, CPROP, Wibson
George Samman
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advisor at Sammantics; Adviser at investFeed; Committee Chair at Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
Rich Elliott
Founder & MD MyGold; Investor & Miner Cryptomine; Co-Founder & MD Urban Voyage
Mitchell Pham
Co-Founder Lina.Review, Global InsurTech Alliance (GITA) & SmartLinks Swiss, Chairman FinTech NZ


Road Map

August 2017
Design completed
October 2017
Architecture finalized
December 2017
Concept Development completed
February 2018
White Paper finalized
April 2018
$1.5M Seed Round completed
May 2018
Proof-of-computation pilot completed
August 2018
MVP completed
4Q 2018 - 1Q 2019
Capital raise (equity)
January 2019
AI beta version released
February 2019
Begin beta processing of commercial AI contracts
June 2019
Launch of Tatau platform