Cloud render platform for 3D

Providing accelerated rendering speeds and compute at dramatically reduced pricing. We do this by harnessing a network of distributed GPU power.

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The cloud render market is dominated by slow, expensive providers which don’t cater for smaller artists & studios.

Our Solution

Tatau has built the world’s first distributed renderer for 3D & CAD applications, unlocking non-traditional sources of mass-market computation (such crypto mining assets, underutilized datacenters and gaming machines), and providing more cost-effective compute. Tatau also provides an economic lifeline to GPU-based crypto mining assets.

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Supported applications & engines

Accelerated rendering using GPU computing power

Huge processing power

The greater number of cores in GPUs allows for faster calculations and overall speeds

Memory Capabilities

More memory bandwidth allows for GPUs to process data faster


GPUs can be up to 10 times more efficient than CPUs (used by most render farms), allowing firms to save over power consumption

Tatau Purpose & Vision

Tatau’s purpose is to accelerate rendering speeds for 3D artists, animators, CAD renderers and the film post-production industries.
Tatau does that by providing these creative companies with fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use rendering power.
Tatau’s vision is to be the largest supplier of compute in the world without owning any computers, starting with cloud-based rendering.

Road Map

October 2017 - August 2018
AI architecture completed; Proof of Concept developed; MVP deployed
February 2019
MVP product released with closed beta customers
March 2019
First successful commercial render project completed
April 2019
Product development; production release testing
May 2019
Public launch for Maya customers
June 2019
3DS Max & Cinema 4D plugins released
July 2019
ZBrush & Houdini plugins released